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E-learning courses for schools

The implementation of the e-learning platform for schools will enable students to use the best database of exercises in various subjects, including from foreign languages, mathematics, computer science. A wide range of interactive quizzes is tailored to the level of knowledge and possibilities of students of primary schools, junior high schools and high schools.

Free access to multimedia teaching materials is an incentive to become interested in the subject, self-education or even catching up.

Classes take place thanks to a special internet platform – a logged-in student can use the educational materials available at any place, time and pace of learning. Subject courses are divided into lessons ending with a knowledge test (the platform, based on criteria set by the teacher, will generate a grade or a percentage summary).

The teacher can monitor the progress of learning or give new tasks on a regular basis. Students and chat rooms are made available to students. This form of communication allows you to include people who are reluctant to participate in traditional school activities.

Any number of users can participate in the course. Only people who have a login and password can access the course.

The completed tasks and tests placed on the platform will surely make the teacher’s lesson activities more attractive.

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