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E-learning courses for companies

E-learning is a very interesting and effective solution for enterprises, including in the process of professional development of their employees. Vocational training courses built on e-learning platforms are easier, faster and more flexible. They allow you to learn at the rate, time and place chosen by us.

They are relatively inexpensive, and at the same time allow you to train a large group of people at the same time. The training program can be constantly modified in conjunction with the development of the company’s needs and market requirements, and didactic materials designed in line with the company’s visualization.

The subject of the course may be, among others, foreign language courses, classes in text processing, and spreadsheet support.

E-learning courses consist of interactive educational materials. The whole is built on an intuitive, easy to use, navigational menu. The content is supplemented with graphic files, animations and sound, which significantly improves and facilitates learning. The courses are reproduced without losing the quality of displayed materials and without decreasing the speed of the platform’s operation. It can be provided in the installation version.

What we can do for you:

  • We design unique e-learning courses
  • We specialize in designing modern digital education solutions based on the e-learning system.
  • Services and projects created by us are strictly adapted to the needs and expectations of the client, which proves their uniqueness. The production process of our products involves education specialists, methodologies, trainers, IT specialists, graphic designers.
  • We will develop teaching materials for online learning.
  • Educational materials consist of didactic and summarizing knowledge, are enriched with multimedia files.

The stage of digitizing teaching materials consists of:

graphic template design

design and methodical concept

accurate testing – the software is compatible with the iOS or Android platform (mobile devices)

We will support technically

Technical support is a comprehensive, professional and individual (depending on your needs) end customer service. At each stage of product implementation, we advise, answer questions, clarify ambiguities. We conduct user surveys on the product to be able to improve products on a regular basis.

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